Welcome to GPan's personal site!

Welcome to My Site

This is my personal site. Here you will find:

  • Photos
  • Sap articles and Links
  • Microsoft .NET technology related Info
  • Various subjects
  • My CV

What's New

Go to the ASP.NET site to start learning Asp.NET, Find Videos and How to articles.

Jump to the LINQ pad site You will find everything you need to start learning LINQ.

What's Up Lately

It was a joy to explore the ASP.Net , Starter Kits. Based on those, I was able to create this personal site. Learning ASPX is really exciting!

During my vacations, August 2009, I read fragments from the following books:

  • WPF in action
  • Pro WPF in C#
  • JQuery in action
  • Pro ASP.Net MVC
  • CSS Web design
I had also with me the "The Parrot's Theorem by Dennis Guedj" but my 11 years old son started reading this, so I will read it in another occasion.