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George P. Panagiotopoulos

In this website you can explore the history of Kaloletsi village, my birth place, through stories passed on by the elders. You can also read the tale about "The Nymph of Avoura", by Takis Doxas. A beautiful girl of Kaloletsi who fell into the Avoura river, in order to escape the Ottoman agha. Virtually navigate through the photos I've shot in the 2000's decade. Follow and read my blog which includes posts about a multitude of intriguing subjects.

"Ancient Greeks have contributed the concept of proof to the field of Mathematics. This was the result of their cultural ethos afforded by democracy.
In contrast the main quality of monks is obedience, the unconditional submission to a higher authority which leads to despotism."

- George P. Panagiotopoulos, Kalnet Blogs