This was my first attempt for a web site using the ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) technology. At this time this framework was state of the art and it was issued by Microsoft at 2009, April. Visit the site to learn more Asp.Net MVC, Microsoft.

Initially I implemented the site during my vacations at my village Neraida-Foloi-Olympia at 2010. It was rewritten using Dot Net Core during the Coronavirus days (2020) in an attempt to fill my time and surpass the fear of the days.

Why Kaloletsi.net ?

Kaloletsi (Καλολετσή) is the old name of my birth place. Now the village is called Neraida-Νεραιδα. Follow the link to see a Google map if you want to go there.

Who am I

I was born in Kaloletsi in 1955, I moved to Athens, at the age of 10, during the immigration waves of the 60's.

I studied Electrical / Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. I followed postgraduate studies in the USA, at the University of Maryland and Stanford University.

I worked at ALPHA AEBE, initially as a software engineer and later as Director of Information Systems Division. In the mid-1990s, with 3 collegues we started our own company, "Applied Software". Finally, I worked as a freelancer with companies in the shipping industry. Many thanks to Attica Group for the cooperation I have had with them in the last years of my working life.

Currently I'm retired but I'm still following the trends in software development. My latest interests include reading, walking, winter swimming and mushroom exploration. My wife's brother's involvement in the production of organic olive oil, with super-high phenolic index, gives me the opportunity to live moments I remembered as a dream and related to olive cultivation and olive harvesting (pruning, fruit picking, pressing). Life in the village allows us to have our own vegetables and fruits and this fills our time during the spring and summer months. Until now, I ate fruits from trees planted by others, but now I have decided to plant some thirty of my own fruit trees. My son and future generations may remember me when they pick fruits from these trees. It's a psychotherapeutic occupation and it has captivated me.

My accession to SYRIZA (the Left Socialist party in Greece) will give me the opportunity to follow and explore a new path in my life. I hope the journey not to disappoint me but to be exciting. Better late than never.